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Welcome to CFTR

Netcast out of Chestermere for our listeners from The Bow to the Badlands

The Team Supreme


Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers is your source for news, events, local announcements and more


Bill Biko

Bill visits the music of the 70's 80's and a whole bunch more


Steve Jeffrey

Keeping it all together, Steve also plays stuff on the radio

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Music Shows


Canadian Music With Bad Parade

Canadian Music With Bad Parade is a show focused on sharing both emerging and established Canadian talent with new audiences.


The Biko Show

Bill Visits the music of the 70's 80's and a whole bunch more.

Talk Shows


Crows Feet

Elaine (Photographer) and Don (Curator of sightings) Cassidy talk about their birding experiences in Chestermere and select locations.


Let's Talk Mental Health

Through psycho-education, personal reflection, and chats with amazing guests, let's talk about why mental health matters.


Workout with Alanna

Where Exercise is a celebration of movement and eating well isn't a punishment


Spotlight with Karly

Karly paints her world in beautiful bright colours and writing tales that will live on for years to come


Sh*t I Learned From My Divorce

Some of the topics on the show may be triggering for some so please use caution and your own discretion. Topics discussed on the show may not be suitable for young children.