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Welcome to the FAQ page for our internet (streaming) radio station, CFTR the Rogue.  Here, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our station and the services we offer.  

How can I contact you?

We're always happy to hear from our listeners and answer any questions you may have. Maybe you have a song request, or a news item to share?

Text us: 587-943-4619
Email us: rogue@anchormedia.ca

Find us on Facebook: @chestermereradio
Follow us on Twitter: @CFTRRadio

or message us right here from this web site

What is an Internet Radio Station (aka web radio)? 

An internet radio station is a radio station that broadcasts over the internet, allowing listeners with an internet connection to tune in from anywhere in the world. So the most obvious benefit of using internet radio is you don't have to be in our area to listen to our great music.

While we can and do reach the whole world, as our slogan says, our target listening area is “from the bow to the badlands”. In real terms, we have regular listeners in: Calgary, Conrich, Chestermere, Langdon, Indus,  Lyalta, Cheadle, Carseland, Mossleigh, Arrowwood, Siksika Nation, Gleichen, Strathmore, Irricana, Biesiker, Acme, Linden, Rosebud, and Drumheller.

When you're listening to audio streams your computer downloads small portions of data, usually a little faster than you listen to it, and discards the portions once you’ve gone past. This means that you never have to have a fully-downloaded file on your computer.

Do I need special equipment to listen to your station?

No, you don't need any special equipment to listen to our station. You can listen to us on any device that can connect to the internet, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, Alexa, Google Home, and desktop computers.

How do I listen to your station?  

You can listen to our station by visiting our website and clicking on the "Listen Live" button.  

  • Play Store – Search for and install CFTR the Rogue 
  • App Store – Search for and install CFTR Radio 
  • Alexa – Say “Alexa enable CFTR the Rogue” to enable the skill, then simply say “Alexa play CFTR the Rogue” Every time after that. 
  • Google Home: Say “Hey Google, Talk to CFTR the Rogue

Is your station free to listen to?  

Yes, our station is completely free to listen to. We do not charge any fees or require any subscriptions to listen to our content. 

Can I make song requests?

Yes, you can make song requests by emailing us or using our website's contact form. While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to play your request, we always appreciate hearing from our listeners. 

Do you have a mobile app?  

Yes, we have a mobile app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. Our app makes it easy to listen to our station on the go and provides additional features, such as song requests and push notifications for special events. 

Do you offer advertising opportunities on your station?

Yes, we offer a range of advertising opportunities on our station, including sponsorships, on-air commercials, and banner ads on our website. Please contact us for more information about advertising on our station. 

How much data does listening use up? 

Listening to a 128 Kbit/s stream uses approximately 60 MB per hour. Lower bit rate streams (e.g., 64 or 32 Kbit/s) use up less, while larger streams (> 128 Kbit/s) use up more data. 

Please be sure to tap 'Pause' and stop streaming when you've finished listening.